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ECOWA Air Retention is a valve used to retain and compress the air contained in a water flow. The water meter accounts for that air that flows through the pipes in the same way as water. ECOWA Air Retention will generate savings of up to 50% on the invoiced consumption of drinking water from your HOME, BUSINESS or INDUSTRY.

When the water-air combination flows through the pipeline and collides with the ECOWA Air Retention valve, its internal structure retains the flow and creates a counter pressure, which compresses the air, reducing its volume. The water meter, which is a volumetric flow meter, will account for less air volume and this effect will generate savings in water billing.
In cases where there is very low pressure or rationing of the water supply, there is a greater presence of air, which will generate greater savings.

The ECOWA Air Retention valve goes after the meter, no more than 15 meters away, and before any valve or connection, horizontally and following its flow arrow. It is recommended to install it immediately after the meter. It can be installed by anyone with basic knowledge of plumbing, although it is recommended that a plumbingspecialist install it, especially valves from 1″ upwards.

It is installed after the water meter because the water councils state that the pipeline before the water meter is theirs and the pipeline after the water meter is owned by the user.

It is installed after the meter to generate a counter pressure that pressurizes the line and compresses the bubbles from before the meter, so when they reach the water meter, these bubbles will not be counted and will generate savings on your water bill.

It is 100% legal because it is placed after the water meter. The regulations of the water councils establish that after the meter the user can make any modification to their hydraulic facilities and will be responsible for any problem within their property.

All users of drinking water, such as houses, restaurants, hotels, gyms, shopping malls, and all types of companies that meet the following characteristics:

  • Have functional water meter (volumetric flow).
  • That the billing is through micro-measurement, which means that its consumption is recorded periodically. Doesn’t have a fixed rate.
  • Consume above the minimum quota established by the water council. We recommend a water consumption greater than 20 m3.

We have 1⁄2 “, 3⁄4”, 1 “, 1 1⁄2”, 2 “and 3” diameter valves. For larger diameter valves, ask for information at ventas@ecowa.com.mx.

The laboratory Fuelco de Mexico S.A. of C.V. performed a series of flow, volume and pressure tests to verify its function. In addition, we have testimonials from some of our clients, such as CFE (Energy commission in Mexico), Martinrea, Holiday Inn, as well as house receipts.

Every ECOWA Air Retention valve has a one-year warranty from direct billing with your distributor and 2 more years with the factory directly.

An approximate reduction of 25% of the flow rate will be obtained, which will not be noticed if there is a pressure higher than 40 psi. It is recommended to install it in properties that have water storage systems such as tanks or water tanks, as well as water pumps.

No. Air relief valves remove the air that comes through the pipes WHEN the whole system upfront is full of water and pressurized. Otherwise, the air will escape through the easiest way, which can be the float ball of your storage tank or any open faucet inside the property, and your water meter will register that air. The ECOWA Air Retention valve stops that airflow in a great percentage.

The main difference is that, ECOWA Air Retention does not eliminate air; it retains and compresses it to generate savings of up to 50% or more, during its useful life of more than 20 years without any maintenance. The air relief valves generate less savings in their billing, they have less useful life, they have moving parts which stop working as time pass by, they are easy to extract and they are in constant contact with the environment.

The savings generated by the ECOWA Air Retention valve varies from a minimum of 10% to more than 50% and is due to different factors. The main factor is the availability of water in the city. In cities where there is water rationing or a limited water supply, the valve will generate extraordinary savings. Another factor is the efficiency of the municipal water network, its pumping systems as well as repairs to the street pipelines. The savings also vary depending on the zone and the height at which the property is located, as well as the water demand of the surrounding properties.

No, these are couplings to increase or decrease the diameter of the pipe, which changes the fluid’s velocity.

There is a minimum pressure loss due to friction against the valve. Being a closed circuit, the pressure does not vary, so it will be the same as the supplied by the municipal network.

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