How it works?

The Ecowa Air Retention® valve retains the flow (water and air) making a counterpressure on the flow’s opposite direction. This counterpressure compresses the bubbles of air cointained in the pipeline (air is a compressible fluid), making them smaller from behind the water meter. The “water meter” is a “volumetric flow meter” which measures “volume”, so compressing the bubbles will reduce their volume, making the water meter count less “volume”. Once the bubble passes the valve, it expands.

When there’s no water in the system, air is still being retained by the Ecowa valve, making the same counterpressure, making it stop and flow slower through the pipe, not being registered the same as it was without the Ecowa valve.

It’s like when you have two roads ahead, one with a free pass and one with a counterpressure against you, obviously you will take the free pass road, it’s less work.

The following video shows how the Ecowa Air Retention valve functions, compressing the air bubbles contained in a water flow.

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